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Klaus Busch was born 1965 in Limburg, Germany. He grew up in Wetzlar, Germany. High school graduation, studies and university degree in urban planning, including a fundamental education in technical and spatial drawing in Giessen and Oldenburg (Oldb.), Germany. Attended courses in different techniques of drawing and graphic reproduction. Working as city-planner and freelance artist. Living in Deggendorf (Bavaria), Germany, since 1994, married, father of 3 sons.


„Magical fables and furious malice: both is connected with Klaus Busch.“ This the Munich Merkur wrote 2014 on the occasion of the biennial „ARTiges“ at Ottobrunn near Munich. That surely points out the essence of my artwork. Operating in the border zones of painting drawing and caricature, my works aim to tell stories, to promote a discussion, maybe to offend and rise protest. But they do not hide one or the other wink and tell their stories by stringing together real impressions in unreal worlds. This sometimes upsets policy, church and society.

Or, as Peter Glotz said: “Paintings and drawings of Klaus Busch are an invitation to take a walk with the eyes. The viewer easily forgets that he is viewing a flat surface, because the elaboration of the plastic qualities of things and their inclusion in the perspective are two major means that Klaus Busch uses to stage his fantasy world. The paintings contain a melancholy, but not without confidence. Well-known and familiar motives are mixed with unreal, but these are drawn as if they were really to grip in the tangible space. In this extraordinary world time is visible because everything takes time and must be experienced. It takes a second look."


A common feature and main focus of the oeuvre is the using of pastel chalks, a technique not widely used in the artistic world. The uncommon accurate approach to this technique lead to some jury-selections into international and national exhibitions and some awards during the last years.


Klaus Busch is member of the Professional Association of Visual Artists (BBK), section Lower Bavaria, and member of the artist group IMAGO. Furthermore member of the art associations Deggendorf and Plattling. Numerous joint exhibitions with the associations and groups in Germany, Austria and the Czech Republic.




Audience Award “Marler Kunststern” 2017 (Marl, Germany)

2. Prize Art Award "Faszinating Sculls" 2013 (Kunsthalle Leoben, Austria)

2.Audience Award “Truderinger Kunsttage” 2012 (Munich, Germany)

zivil-Art-Awards 2004


Exhibitons (Excerpt):


Marler Kunststern 2016, 2017 und 2018 in Marl, Germany (curated each)

 „Frankenstein 4.0 – Creation and Megalomania “ in Ingolstadt, Germany 2018 (curated)

„Art Moments“ in Budapest, Hungary 2018

Heise-Art Award in Dessau, Germany 2017 (curated)

OSTRALE´O15 in Dresden, Germany 2015 (curated)

„Heimat“in Munich, Germany 2015 (curated)

20., 23. und 24. NATUR-MENSCH in Braunlage, Germany 2014, 2017 und 2018 (curated each)

Josef-Müller-Pauly-Memorial-Award for water-colour painting in Weilburg, Germany 2015 (curated)

KalkKunst in Cologne, Germany 2014 (curated)

Biennial "ARTiges" in Ottobrunn near Munich, Germany 2014 (curated)

„Fascinating Sculls" in Leoben, Austria 2013 (curated)

Truderinger Kunsttage in Munich, Germany 2012 (curated)

"Departure to Eternity" in Landsberg/Lech, Germany 2010 (curated)

„Elements“ in Plauen, Germany 2007 (curated)

Municipal Gallery Bad Griesbach, Germany 2013

Bürgerspital Plattling, Germany, 2008, 2012 und 2015

Kapuzinerstadl Deggendorf, Germany 2016

Turmgalerie Werder/Havel, Germany 2016 (curated)

Kunst- und Kulturforum Laubach, Germany 2017 (curated)

Gallery at the “Untere Stadtkirche” Wetzlar, Germany 2018 (incl. the “Night of the Galleries”)

East Bavarian Art Collection in Hengersberg, Germany 2018 (curated)